About Vintagestic

Vintagestic is a worldwide platform that empowers local vintage stores with tools to go global.

We promote and support sustainable fashion by providing access to the best vintage stores and thrift shops in your area. Whether you’re a stylist looking for some vintage inspo or a costume designer ready to recreate a particular vintage setting and atmosphere, you’ll easily find what you’re looking for with Vintagestic. We take pride in contributing to a rising global movement of environmentally responsible living and sustainable luxury lifestyle.

Buying vintage helps to avoid the problem of waste textiles going to landfill. Without the vintage and second-hand clothing industry, the problem would be much much worse and our valued customers help by giving a new lease of life to our ethically sourced vintage pieces. There is also a much lower carbon footprint when buying vintage as the labor and materials have already been put into producing the garment.

We welcome any vintage lovers to our community.

Vintagestic is owned by Bagaholic B.V. Our other projects include Ana Denis‘s expert blog on content marketing and SEO and Vandenic full-scale marketing agency.