6 Best Marilyn Monroe’s Movies You Will Enjoy Watching

Throughout her acting career, Marilyn starred in 30 movies total. In this article, we’ll find out what are the best Marilyn Monroe’s movies, from her early acting to the list of the most popular movies starring a symbol and the most desirable woman in Hollywood.

While in the 1940’s women audience craved stronger characters embodied by such actresses as Katharine Hepburn, in the aftermath of World War II, movie studios were looking to create a character that would appeal to men.

Listing Marilyn Monroe movies in chronological order wouldn’t probably make a lot of sense as in a lot of her earliest years in the 1940’s she was only doing bit parts. So we’ll review her first movies that are worth your time along with the hits, with their most memorable quotes. Meanwhile, Vintagestic will also delight you with Marilyn Monroe movie posters.

Marilyn Monroe First Movies

If you want to explore how Marilyn has become a star of such magnitude, here is a list of her most popular films you can watch on a Sunday evening. In most of them, she only acted out supporting roles.

Ladies of the Chorus (1949)

Before Monroe starred as a showgirl in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes and a band vocalist in Some Like It Hot, she embodied a burlesque chorus girl in one of her first movies, a black and white Ladies of the Chorus. This is one of the rare early films where she takes on the leading role, performing a few songs and of course donning dazzling sparkling costumes. That movie also shows her natural beauty before her alleged nose job.

Love Nest (1951)

Among the films with Marilyn Monroe in her early acting career, Love Nest is one of the rarest. It’s a nice comedy that focuses on a story of a married couple that purchased an apartment in a run-down building, While she’s only on screen for a few minutes, a hot former WAC has all the attention she could get.

List of Best Marilyn Monroe’s Movies

While you might have never heard of the movies mentioned above, we bet that you either have seen or definitely heard about the movies in this section. Each of the films is deeply engrained into pop culture and is a symbol of its time.

Some Like It Hot (1959)

Some Like It Hot (1959) is one of the Best Marilyn Monroe's Movies
Some Like It Hot (1959) is one of the Best Marilyn Monroe’s Movies

If you only have time for one movie and you still haven’t seen Some Like It Hot, go watch it now. In addition to being the most popular Marilyn Monroe movie, Some Like it Hot has been ranked #1 in the list of 100 greatest comedies of all time. With Tony Curtis and Jamie Lee disguised as women, you’re guaranteed to have fun for over an hour. While the main character may be away from today’s representation of strong and independent women, it’s a pleasure to submerge into the relaxing 50s vibe movie from your childhood.

Why see: Seeing the greatest comedy of all times would be the reason that speaks for itself.

Catchphrase: ‘Well, nobody’s perfect’.

Gentelmen Prefer Blondes (1953)

An entertaining musical telling the story of two very different American showgirls. One, played by Monroe, is looking for a financially sustainable man who can support her love for diamonds (of course she is!), and another, embodied by Russell, only cares about good-looking men. Spoiler alert: both get their happy endings and will keep you smiling throughout.

Why see: Dazzling dancing outfits and songs performed by Jane Russel and Monroe, including the iconic look in a pink dress singing Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friends.

Catchphrase: ‘Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friends’

How to Marry a Millionnaire (1953)

how to marry a millionaire is one of the best Marilyn Monroe's Movies

Hands-down one of the most popular Marilyn Monroe’s movies. A trio of young and beautiful models rents a luxurious New York penthouse to find wealthy men to marry. Will they succeed in marrying a millionaire?

Marilyn really carried another “dumb blonde” character in a classy and brilliant way. Her glasses image still remains iconic in recent movies, like the stereotyped of a blonde wearing glasses to prove they’re smarter.

Why see: A funny hilarious color comedy that is timeless.

Catchphrase: ‘Keep the change, Mac’

Seven Year Itch (1955)

6 Best Marilyn Monroe's Movies You Will Enjoy Watching Celebrities
‘Seven Years Itch’ Marilyn Monroe movie poster

A story about a middle-aged publishing executive who meets a commercial model next door, while his wife and children are on holiday. The title endorses a psychology manuscript he was reading on the phenomenon that all married men are striving to have extra-marital affairs in the seventh year of marriage.

Why see: Remember the famous scene of Monroe’s white dress being skyrocketed in the air by a subway grating? It’s from Seven Year Itch.

Summary: What Are the Best Marilyn Monroe’s Movies?

Marilyn gained her fame as a comedy actress so naturally, if you want to get to know her better, the most popular Marilyn Monroe movies would be comedies from the 1950s, such as Some Like It Hot, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes and How to Marry a Millionnaire.

If you’re interested in learning more about the blonde symbol of the 1950s era, check out movies about Marilyn Monroe.

Which of Marilyn Monroe movies have you watched and enjoyed the most? Tell us in the comments!


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