22 Timeless Outfits of Bianca Jagger At Studio 54 and More

Here she is, the style icon of the generation. Bianca Jagger at Studio 54 on a white horse. A picture that’s become a part of the pop culture.

Despite the fact that this picture was taken almost 50 years ago, Bianca Jagger still serves as style inpiration to such stars as Emily Ratajkowski. That definitely means we have a lot to learn from her.

Scroll down this article to learn moer about her personality and see her timeless outfits that are still so relevant in the 2020s.

Who is Bianca Jagger?

bianca jagger portrait in a hat
Photo credit: Getty Images

Bianca Jagger was wife of Mick Jagger, who used to be a lead vocalist of The Rolling Stones, a crazy popular group in the 70s. Her real name is Bianca Perez Morena de Macias. On top of that, she was an actress, a public figure, and a party goer, as well as a style icon and a humanitarian.

Born in Nicaragua, after the 1972 Nicaraguan earthquake, she took on a humanitarian mission. She later committed to justice and human rights in Nicaragua, Honduras and Afghanistan. She now serves as the goodwill ambassador and has received various awards for her humanitarian work.

Bianca Jagger founded the Bianca Jagger Human Rights Foundation, which she chairs.

Bianca Jagger Best Looks

Emily Ratajkowski named Bianca Jagger her style icon. Peep into the timeless outfits Bianca donned and you won’t believe some of them date back to 50 years ago.

1970: lame dress

binca jagger in lame halter top dress

Lame dresses and halter tops were two major trends in the 70′ fashion. How come young Bianca Jagger connects the two so effortlessly?

1971: Marriage to Mick Jagger

Bianca married Mick Jagger in a Yves Saint Laurent’s column skirt and Le Smoking jacket, worn sans blouse. Over 50 years, this wedding outfit has been inspiring a number of modern brides with her low-key fresh take on femininity, a far cry from the traditional wedding dresses.

1972: White tailored suit from Heathrow

Bianca Jagger was known effortlessly donned ivory menswear-inspired tailoring with sharp shoulders. Not only in clubs, but when travelling too. Adding a headgear was always her style signature.

Bianca Jagger in Heathrow airport, 1972. Image credit: Mirrorpix via Getty Images

1972: another airport-style outfit

bianca jagger fashionable at the airport
Bianca Jagger at London airport (now Heathrow) to see off husband Mick Jagger as he leaves for a U.S. tour with the Rolling Stones, 24th May 1972. (Photo by George Stroud/Daily Express/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

Rolling Stones used to have humongous tours in the 1970’s so a golden couple was a regular at airports. Here’s another airport fashion look from Bianca, comfirming that her sense of style was timeless.

1974: Red sequin dress and a beret

Photo credit: Getty Images

When Bianca Jagger and her husband Mick attended the infamous Romantic And Glamorous Hollywood Design Exhibition in New York City in 1974, she stunned the public with a red sequin dress with a matching beret. One of her few colorful looks, yet as gorgeous as always.

1980: a plain white Balmain jacket

With Jeff Bridges. Photo credit: Keystone/Getty Images

During the promotion of her movie ‘The American Success Company’, Bianca pulled off a Balmain-styled crispy white jacket with oversized bracelets. Another stunning all-white look.

1981: Au Gala du Met

Photo credit: Getty Images

A classic look during the Gala du Met in 1981.

1982: défilé Valentino en 1982

Bianca Jagger and Calvin Klein. Photo credit: Getty Images

Being fabolous was her profession. Wearing black was her essence. A little embroidery just adds some spark.

1990: black suit

Combining the textures, she could pull off the 50 shades of black impeccably. She was always passionate for silk bottoms.

1990: polka dot jumpsuit

Bianca Jagger at the American Ballet en 1990. Photo Credit: Getty Images

Bianca Jagger at the American Ballet en 1990. If you’re the black and white icon, why not lay with pattens and spice up the outfit with assymmetrical top?

1991: black and white leopard

Bianca Jagger (Photo by Getty Images)

It’s Vanity Fair 5th anniversary and another joyful take on her favorite black and white, accompanied by a statement red coat.

Bianca Jagger at Studio 54: Best Looks

70’s have brought many style icons, such as Farrah Fawcet, Cher, and Liza Minelli. Many of these were known to be regulars at Studio 54, a high-end New York Club.

Imagine an iconic place packed with celebrities of any kind – artists, movie stars, politicians, you name it. Whenever you came to such a place, millions of your shots are spread across the world. That was exactly what Studio 54 was at that time, a place to see and be seen. Wearing most fashionable outfits was a prerequisite.

Let’s peep into Bianca Jagger Studio 54 photos and see what the best 70’s parties looked like.

1977: Riding a horse on her birthday

bianca jagger at studio 54 on a white horse
1977: Bianca Jagger rides in on a white horse at during her birthday celebrations at Studio 54 in New York. (Photo credit: Getty Images)

Bianca Jagger riding a horse at her Studio 54 birthday party is an iconic look that remains engrained in the pop culture history. She later confessed to Financial Times that she wasn’t riding the horse presented by the Studio 54 owner, she only climbed up to take a few shots. That doesn’t make her off-shoulder jumpsuit less gorgeous though.

bianca jagger at studio 54 on a white horse in a red dress
Photo credit: Getty Images

Here’s another shot from that night that actually reveals more colors, while Bianca remains true to herself with plains colors and the major glamour vibe.

1977: Wedding Anniversary

Photo credit: Getty Images

She avoided the dress on the wedding day yet still donned a white lace dress at her anniversary. Where was it? Of course, at Studio 54.

1978: dancing in a jumpsuit

bianca jagger at studio 54 dancing in jumpsuit
Bianca Jagger at Studio 54 in New York City. (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

Jumpsuits were all the rage in 1970’s so here’s another iconic look from Bianca. What a star!

1978: black suit with a slim tie

This relaxed take on business style keeps her graceful and flirty at the same time. Jagger was always knows for her ability to accessorize any outfit and this slim tie tops off the perfect look.

Liza Minnelli, Andy Warhol, and Bianca Jagger January 10, 1978 (Photo by WireImage)

In 1978, Mick and Bianca divorced. Ironically, that was the peak of the club’s popularity and paparazzi spotted Bianca Jagger at Studio 54 regularly. Was that the reason that she became the spirit of this infamous place? Here she is with her friends, Liza and Andy, continuing to look awesome.

What Does Bianca Jagger Look Now?

First of all, Bianca is alive. She does a lot of humanitarian work and still looks as good as if she drank from the Holy Grail of youth.

Over the years, she demonstrated her affection towards black/white outfits wit red accents. It’s amazing that they still hold a special place in her heart and in her closet.

bianca jagger with maria grazia chiuri
2019: Stylist Maria Grazia Chiuri and Bianca Jagger pose after the Christian Dior Womenswear Spring/Summer 2020 show as part of Paris Fashion Week on September 24, 2019 in Paris, France. (Photo credit: Getty Images)

Apart from being a regular on Prada and Dior fashion shows, photocalls and events, she meets with ministers to discuss Bonn Challenge, which is a global goal to bring back into restoration 150 million hectares of deforested and degraded landscapes.

2018: First Minister Nicola Sturgeon meets with Bianca Jagger to discuss the Scottish Government’s support for the Bonn Challenge (Photo credit: Getty Images)

Where Does Bianca Jagger Live?

Bianca Jagger lives in England. She is often invited to fashion shows all across Europe.


You can buy a pretty outfit but you can’t buy a sense of style. Bianca Jagger has always been an IT girl. Young Bianca Jagger was a jet-setter and party-goer in Studio 54, senior Bianca Jagger is a good friend of many designers, including Christian Louboutin, Maria Grazia Chiuri, Calvin Klein, as well as regular on Dior and Prada fashion shows.

If you even need some help with how to rock black and white outfits, revisit the article and get inspired by the 70’s vibe from Bianca Jagger, pretty relevant today.


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