Did Marilyn Monroe Have Plastic Surgery? [Before/After]

Marilyn Monroe is a renowned sex symbol from the 1950s. She was referred to as one of the most beautiful women of her generation. We have already compiled a list of the best Marilyn Monroe’s movies you might want to watch again and the movies about Marilyn Monroe, that scrutinize what kind of person she was and her personal life.

Nevertheless, rumor has it that not all her beauty came naturally. One of the most widespread ideas was that before a girl Norma Jean Baker morphed into a sex symbol Marilyn Monroe, she did a nose job.

Did Marilyn Monroe have plastic surgery indeed? In this article, we’ll examine the before/after pictures to see whether rumors about her nose job were true.

Marilyn Monroe Before and After Alleged Plastic Surgery

Before we continue, let’s see whether we can find any alterations on Marilyn’s face.

Did Marilyn Monroe Have Plastic Surgery

Could the skillful use of makeup and correct lighting change the shape of her nose? From these two pictures, it seems that Marilyn used to have a wider nose. The tip of the nose was heavier and the nostrils were wider.

Did Marilyn Monroe Have Plastic Surgery? [Before/After] Celebrities

These two pictures clearly show the difference in her nose shape. As soon as Norma-Jean Baker has become Marilyn Monroe, her nasal tip looks much more refined.

Other Plastic Surgeries and Procedures that Marilyn Monroe Allegedly Did

If you are a Hollywod star of Monroe’s magnitude, there will always be speculation regarding whether your beauty is natural or has been achieved through various beauty procedures.

The nose job is not the only plastic surgery Marilyn allegedly had done.

For instance, it’s being said that Monroe was regularly undergoing hairline electrolysis procedures to get rid of her widow’s peak and slightly change the perceived shape of her face.

Electrolysis is a method of removing undesirable hairs from the face or body. A device destroys the growth center of the hair with chemical or heat energy. After a tiny dose probe is injected into the hair follicle, the hair is then removed with tweezers.

Another rumor stated that in 1949 while Norma-Jean was struggling to find her career as a model and actress, a casting director referred to her as a “chinless wonder.” In 1950, she visited a Hollywood plastic surgeon who performed a chin augmentation, using an implant made of carved bovine cartilage. Since silicone implants haven’t become the standard at that point, both the technology and materials used in the 50s were quite primitive.

Lastly, some people have argued about whether or not Monroe had breast implants. These rumors have never been confirmed, though there’s some evidence of infection in her breasts caused by liquid silicone injections.

So, Did Marilyn Monroe Have Plastic Surgery After All?

As a lot of people were debating on the Hollywood superstar’s nose job, just right after 50 years from her death when the right to her medical privacy expired, X-rays of the star’s skull and medical records covering her private medical records from 1950 to 1962, and also suggesting surgery on her chin and nose, were auctioned at Julien’s, an auction house that specialized in celebrity goods. The X-rays were sold at $25,600.

The records state clearly that that was a small tweak to alter the cartilage around the tip of her nose. Cosmetic interventions weren’t as common as they are today so any procedure was risky and wasn’t done unless it was truly critical.

The story on a chin implant was also confirmed by medical records. There was evidence of her going to the doctor as a Miller, using her husband’s surname, to have chin surgery, which then resulted in postponing her screen test because she had fallen on her chin.

As the technology wasn’t that perfect in the 50s, the implant was absorbed or dissolved by 1958, leading her to visit another doctor to fix what she called a “chin deformity.”

Are you surprised? So are we. Nevertheless, there were no signs of any other alterations to her beauty. Marilyn Monroe will always embody the femininity and sex appeal of the whole generation.


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