Top 14 Vintage Furniture Stores in NYC, From Cheap to Crazy Expensive

Looking for some great vintage furniture stores in NYC? We’ve got you covered! Check out our list of the top 14 places to buy vintage furniture in New York City.

If you’re struggling to find vintage furniture stores in NYC that are worth your attention, we know that it ain’t easy. A lot of locations are hidden in very unassuming buildings, while others are just hard to find because they’ve been closed through the pandemic.

We’ve prepared a curated selection of the best-in-breed places which source stylish furniture of your taste. Let’s explore the top 15 vintage furniture stores in New York City, both in Manhattan and Brooklyn, and see if some of them are near you. To structurize the list, we decided to list them from the cheapest ones to the most expensive ones.

Cheap Vintage Furniture Stores in NYC

Fancy a $20 chair or a $40 wood table? Are these prices hard to believe? Well, they might be just around the corner. Scroll through our list of thrift shops that provide vintage pieces at bargain prices!

1. Junk – $

Top 14 Vintage Furniture Stores in NYC, From Cheap to Crazy Expensive Vintage

567 Driggs Ave., Brooklyn, NY

If you’re interested not only in affordable furniture but in a wider specter of retro goods, Junk may be the place you’ve been looking for. If you live in Williamsburg, you can come by any time and won’t regret it as new arrivals are added daily and you can always find something interesting, from home decor to vintage clothing. Warning: visiting this store full of odds and ends is time-consuming and may result in a serious addiction to vintage! You may discover that vintage furniture can actually be cheap in NYC.

Price level: $—Junk is basically a thrift store where you get the best deal possible for every item.

Example pricing: $30 for a vintage dress or $20 for a chair.

Best time to go: Practically any day, this place is full of treasures.

Recommended for: casual shoppers, upcyclers, deal hunters

2. Furnish Green – $$

Top 14 Vintage Furniture Stores in NYC, From Cheap to Crazy Expensive Vintage

132 1/2 W 24th St, New York, NY

Furnish Green is a long-standing vintage furniture store in NYC. They pair good quality items with reasonable pricing and their selection offers a wide range of aesthetics. It’s mostly vintage classic furniture that looks good in today’s setting, though occasionally you may come across true antique gems at incredible prices. Interestingly, their online shop renders most of the things they have in stock.

Their team also provides vintage furniture restorations. If you’re looking for good-quality reserved furniture, that’s the best place to go in the Big Apple.

Price: $$—A variety of furniture styles at reasonable prices, is such a rarity in Manhattan! Furnish Green’s mission is to provide local consumers with a variety of vintage furniture options while keeping their prices low and they’ve been true to themselves.

Example pricing: $478 for a Classic Mid Century Walnut Dining Table or $883 for a 1970s striped sofa.

When to visit: As they bring 15-35 items into their New York City showroom every weekday, it’s better to come on Thursday or Friday.

Recommended for: Deal seekers, classic-decor lovers, high-quality fanatics

3. Reuse America – $$

This vintage furniture thrift store is focused on preserving history and upcycle preloved items and has become a prime destination for everyone who loves vintage furniture. Nice items arranged with taste, plus the prices are more than reasonable! They also offer a 6,000-square feet warehouse in Brooklyn, which runs by appointment, and a convenient online store. One of the most affordable vintage furniture stores in NYC!

Price level: $$$—Most wall units and desks are under $500.

Example pricing: $445 for a reclaimed wood bookcase or $335 for a white fine furniture antique boy bureau.

Best time to go: check out their online store first

Recommended for: casual shoppers, upcyclers, deal hunters

4. Dobbin Street Vintage Co-op – $$

vintage furniture stores in new york city

39 Norman Ave, Brooklyn, NY | 310 Graham Ave, Brooklyn, NY

With two Brooklyn locations in Williamsburg and Greenpoint, Dobbin Street Vintage is a nice Brooklyn staple with a good selection of mid-century vintage furniture in good condition and at friendly prices. The new merchandise arrives daily, however, the best pieces are brought in just before weekends, so make sure you stop by on Friday to enjoy some great steals! You’ll discover a walnut credenza with brass hardware, a rattan sofa, or a drawer tallboy, all under $500. Vintage newbies will be just enjoying the relaxed and welcoming vibe of this trendy vintage furniture store in New York City.

Price level: $$—Overall very affordable, especially compared to some of the more specialized vintage stores.

Example pricing: $650 for a sofa, $265 for an armchair.

When to visit: if you walk in right before the weekend, you’ll be the first to see their updated inventory.

Recommended for: vintage newbies, casual shoppers, trendy decor lovers, deal hunters

5. Otto’s Vintage – $$

5181 Nassau Ave, Brooklyn, NY

This Brooklyn vintage furniture store is one of the small gems for vintage and antique furniture lovers in NYC that doesn’t even have a proper online presence. Take a look at their Instagram to get an idea of what they can offer. In short, you’ll be pleased to see the items and the prices. Unlike it might seem at first, they’re worthy of attention.

Price level: $$— Affordable vintage pieces, most under $500, depending on an item.

Example pricing: $200 for a set of 4 chairs.

Best time to go: as they restock on Mondays, Tuesday is the day to go.

Recommended for: casual shoppers, vintage aficionados, deal seekers, upcyclers

6. Green Village

Green Village Used Furniture & Clothing is the antique lovers’ & bargain hunters’ dream that has been serving the community for 2 decades.

This is the place you have to visit offline as it’s over 10,000 sq.ft and you can literally find anything from any era, including conference tables, vintage chairs, cabinets and much more. antique lamps.

Boasting a warehouse-size thrift shop of over 10,000 sq.ft, their shelves are filled to the brim with myriad vintage finds & junk such as office desks & rolling chairs, flat files, filing cabinets, conference tables, tables & chairs, outdoor furniture, toys, bookcases, used clothing by the pound, vintage dresses, mounds of books, antique lamps, dressers & mirrors, costumes & props for set designers, electronics, sports equipment… and what not?

Price level: $$— Affordable vintage pieces, most under $500, depending on an item.

Example pricing: $200 for a set of 4 chairs.

Best time to go: as they restock on Mondays, Tuesday is the day to go.

Recommended for: casual shoppers, vintage aficionados, deal seekers, upcyclers

Moderately-Priced Vintage Furniture Stores

These places source a wide range of styles and, therefore, might get almost anything in stock. The prices in this segment are mostly slightly under $1,000.

1. White Trash – $$$

Top 14 Vintage Furniture Stores in NYC, From Cheap to Crazy Expensive Vintage

Located in the East Village of NYC, White Trash focuses on mid-century storage, seating, lighting, and home decor from the 40s through the 70s. Most furniture pieces they offer are versatile and will be a good match both for a modern setting as well as a vintage-styled home.

Price level: $$$—Right in between pricey antiques and cheap thrift.

Example pricing: $725 for a Robert Sonneman Wall Mounted Orbiter Lamp designed in the late 1960s or $325 for a set of four oak and paper cord chairs in mint condition.

Best time to go: They restock on Sundays so Monday or Tuesday is ideal.

Recommended for: Vintage aficionados, high-quality fanatics, brand-name buyers, high-budget ballers

2. Home Union – $$$

Top 14 Vintage Furniture Stores in NYC, From Cheap to Crazy Expensive Vintage

319 Graham Ave, Brooklyn, NY | Online

Home Union is located right down the block from Dobbins Street’s East Williamsburg location. They focus on furniture and large decor pieces from the 20th century, which are usually in pristine condition. In addition, you can find new housewares like candles and mugs, from designers they love. Home Union also offers its own line of rugs and home decor on its website.

Price level: $$$—Items are not cheap, yet considering their unique nature and condition, they’re reasonably priced.

Example pricing: $950 for a 960s Alvar Aalto Pair of chairs with rattan arms

When to visit: Weekdays are when you can find the best selection with the smallest crowd.

Recommended if: you’re looking for furniture in mint condition, Vintage collectors, furniture aficionados, shoppers looking for that one special piece, high-budget ballers

3. Copper+Plaid – $$$

655 Manhattan Ave., Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Copper + Plaid specializes in Danish modern furniture. As they focus on beautiful mid-century wooden Danish storage pieces that are always pristine, this vintage furniture store will quickly become your favorite if the item’s condition is critical for you. You can also find decor and other unique furniture in the store. The store offers Brooklyn delivery for only $15 so you won’t have to drag your new vintage friend home.

Price: $$-$$$—Be prepared to pay at least $1,000 for medium-sized furniture pieces.

Example pricing: $2,000 for a desk wall unit set, or $80 for a small mirror.

Best time to go: They’re only open during the weekend so there’s not much choice. However, a serious buyer can always schedule an appointment during the week.

Recommended for: furniture-set shoppers, high-quality fanatics, high-budget ballers

4. The Antique Loft – $$$

Top 14 Vintage Furniture Stores in NYC, From Cheap to Crazy Expensive Vintage

Ok, it’s Jersey but you can’t miss that gem! There’s a 12,000 sq. warehouse filled with vintage and antique furniture. What’s important, these guys have been also restoring vintage pieces to make furniture shopping even more sustainable. According to reviews, their restorations are good so you’ll probably come back. The Antique Loft is situated on the third floor of an old mill building in Paterson, NJ.

Price: $$-$$$—As you can literally find almost anything, from mint to junk, the prices vary.

Example pricing: $495 for a couple of restored chairs.

Recommended for: furniture-set shoppers, deal hunters, vintage aficionados

5. Humble House – $$$$

396 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn, NY

Humble House sources new elegant and unique vintage furniture from New England. You can always expect good quality finds and pieces that will elevate any room. They also have a selection of mid-range art pieces available, so visiting these Brooklyn vintage furniture stores will always result in good finds.

Price level: $$$$—Pricey, but worth it. The selection is highly curated and the pieces are top-notch.

Example pricing: a 4-seat mid century dining set for $4,200, or a French velvet chair for $475

Best time to go: They’re closed on Mondays for restocking, so Tuesday is when you’ll find the freshest finds. The weekends are when items typically get snatched up, so any weekday would also be ideal.

Recommended for: high-quality fanatics, brand-name buyers, high-budget ballers

High-End Antique Furniture Stores in New York City

Visit these locations to find your next best museum-worthy heirloom pieces.

1. O’Sullivan Antiques – $$$$$

vintage furniture stores in NYC

Founded in the center of the antique trade in Dublin, O’Sullivan Antiques furniture store also boasts a prime location in Manhattan, NYC. Here you’ll discover plenty of antique furniture, mirrors, lighting and decorative objects. A lot of visitors confess that after seeing the rows of exquisite antique furniture throughout their store, you’ll never want to leave. As you might have guessed, all items are in mint condition and each can become your next family heirloom.

Price level: $$$$$—Top-notch antique pieces are over any possible budget for vintage furniture but they’re definitely worth it.

Example pricing: $6,950 for a pair of Early 19th Century Regency monumental pair of bookcases of the Neoclassical taste in the manner of Robert Adam.

When to visit: Any day, basically, the place is never too crowded.

Recommended for: advanced antique collectors, high-budget ballers, furniture-set shoppers

2. Showplace – $$$$$

showplace showroom vintage antique store nyc manhattan 1

If you’re not strained in budget and hunting rare collectible luxury furniture pieces, this is the place to go in New York City. Being an estate liquidator, Showplace regularly sources high-quality and unique furniture pieces from all over the world and it, without doubt, is one of the best vintage furniture shops in NYC. While there are many chairs and home decor items priced less than $1,000, an average price for a piece of furniture would be $2,000 for a pair of beautiful chairs or a fancy mirror.

Price: $$$$$— Museum-worthy pieces with a corresponding price tag,

Example pricing: a pair of Italian Baroque chairs for $6,500 or a Louis XVI style mahogany bureau plat for $3,200.

When to visit: As with every high-end antique dealer, you can count on a lot of room and VIP service any day.

Recommended for: luxury lovers, high-budget ballers, high-quality fanatics, advanced antique collectors

3. Newel – $$$$$

Top 14 Vintage Furniture Stores in NYC, From Cheap to Crazy Expensive Vintage

If you’re emotionally prepared for furniture well over $10,000 and diversity is what you’re looking for, nothing can beat a 65,000 warehouse filled to the brim with every possible furniture piece from every possible era you can imagine. Focused on the mid-century, Newel has everything in stock, from Renaissance to mid-century.

They also boast a very nice online store so you can check out the inventory before planning your visit to their brick-and-mortar.

Price level: $$$$$$—Very. Expensive. Genuine collectible pieces.

Example pricing: $39,000 for a Continental Secessionist Mahogany and Maple Cabinet

Best time to go: anytime, seems like this place is never crowded.

Recommended for: brand-name buyers, high-budget ballers, advanced antique collectors

Summary: Where to Buy Vintage Furniture in New York City?

There are plenty of vintage furniture stores in NYC. Each vintage store is unique because it reflects the taste of its owner. There are no suppliers that can provide a wholesale bunch of chairs or homewares, therefore, all items are hand-picked. As a result, it’s very difficult to categorize vintage furniture stores on any factors rather than pricing, which can obviously vary depending on the item, and a general idea of what they’re selling or interested in.

Nevertheless, we have compiled a thorough list of the best vintage furniture stores in New York City. Using this list, you can decide which of them seems attractive and check them out. Don’t forget to let us know if you like them and leave a review for the store on Vintagestic! It’ll help many sustainable shoppers to make the right choice.

When it comes to finding vintage furniture in New York City, Brooklyn offers a lot of options. Not only it has thrift stores where you can score incredible deals, it is also ready to welcome vintage lovers to locations with top-tier lever pieces.

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